Vijay Pratap Singh

Businessman, Karnataka

I have a tours and travels business and my wife runs a school. Everything was going well but one-day things started to change drastically. We faced a lot of losses in our business and the losses were multiplied on a daily basis. We didn’t even have the money to pay the rent of our offices and the salaries of our employees.

We were under tremendous stress and were continuously worried. This lead to further problems at home. My wife and I started having arguments with each other. As we became financially weak, our friends and relatives became aloof. We lost our self-respect among family and friends. I really wish that no one would ever face such pain and distress that we went through during those times.

One day, we came to know about ManavGuru’s unique saral vaastu guidance through a friend and decided to follow the guidance for our house and workplace. We started following ManavGuru’s guidance. After a month, we started experiencing positive changes in our lives.
Our friends and family returned and our relations improved drastically. A lot of our friends gave us business opportunities. Our business became profitable beyond our expectations. If we got stuck at all in our business or needed any help, our relatives would always come forward and would help us through it.

Our business relations also improved. Businesses improve only when good relations are maintained with people. ManavGuru’s unique knowledge has helped us in this field to a large extent.

It is not just a solution to one single problem, but it is a comprehensive solution to all the life-related issues that can come at any stage of your life. ManavGuru’s Guidance is not only for one person but for every family member of the house.

I think that every family in this world should benefit from ManavGuru’s unique saral vaastu guidance. It does not matter if you are rich, poor, or belong to any religion, you can experience the bliss of a happy life. If every family in this world followed ManavGuru’s guidance, I am sure that the end of poverty and distress would soon become a reality.
My family and I are forever grateful and thank Guruji from the bottom of our hearts.

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