You and your family members can experience Anandmay Jeevan or happy life within 9 to 180 days by connecting with Universal Energy

Do you want to achieve whatever you want in life?

Before that you must understand the following things:

  1. What does everyone want? Why do some people succeed and others do not?
  2. What is Universal Energy?
  3. Power of Universal Energy
  4. Where can you connect with Universal Energy?
  5. How can you connect with Universal Energy?
  6. How will you fulfill your desire scientifically?

What does everyone want? Why some people do not succeed?

Everyone wants to
Excel in education | Have a good career | Find a suitable life partner | Build a successful business | Live a happy marriage life | Build good relationships | Accumulate more wealth | Improve agricultural yield | Maintain a healthy life | Buy or build a dream house

Some will succeed while others do not.

You will be surprised to know the answer because no one knows the real reason until today. The reason behind this is that they are not properly connected to Universal Energy.

What is Universal Energy?

Universal Energy is the life force that exists everywhere. It is present in the universe between galaxies, molecules, and space. It is essential to maintain order in life and expand our consciousness. The basic character of this energy is to fulfil our desire and make us always happy.

Universal energy is based on all our actions, reactions to situations, and functions in totality. It is essential for the following reasons:

  • To maintain an orderly life.
  • To lead a happy and healthy life.
  • To obtain knowledge.
  • It is also important for expanding our consciousness.
  • It is completely involved in all situations in life.

The Power of Universal Energy

Universal Energy keeps the entire universe in form

Not a single living and non-living thing will exist without Universal Energy

Universal Energy is always ready to help everyone for leading an ‘Anandmay Jeevan’ or happy life

Once we properly connect with Universal Energy, we will start getting whatever we want in our life

Where can you connect with Universal Energy?

We spend around 10–12 hours a day in our house and 8–10 hours a day in our workplace. It means that out of 24 hours per day, we spend 20–22 hours per day in both places, i.e., our house and workplace. So these two are the holy places where we can connect with Universal Energy.

How can you connect with Universal Energy?

ManavGuru’s Saral Vaastu concept will guide you on how to clear some energies that are obstructing to tune with Universal Energy. It helps you to tune with Universal Energy. As a result, you will start to experience positive changes in 9 to 180 days.

For Example: When you want to listen to songs on the radio, you tune the channels using the buttons to enable your favourite stations. When you tune the radio properly, you will be able to listen to it clearly and enjoy the songs. Likewise, when you want to fulfil your desires and lead a happy and healthy life, you must tune with Universal Energy. ManavGuru’s Saral Vaastu concept will guide you to tune with Universal energy.

How will you fulfill your desire scientifically?

Our body and mind are surrounded by energy fields. When connected with universal energy, universal energy enters the body through the mind, and the mind becomes calm. This helps the mind and body to become one. As a result, the hormones in the body become balanced. It helps in the healing of the physical, mental, and spiritual selves. It reduces negativity and creates harmony in life.

Since the year 2000, millions of people have experienced incredible changes in their life within 9 to 180 days.

Do you want to achieve whatever you want in life?

Just follow these Steps:


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We will discuss in detail:

  1. About whatever you want in life or your life-related problems.
  2. How ManavGuru’s Guidance will help you.


ManavGuru’s Saral Vaastu Guidance for all family members

This includes:

  1. Through a video call, we will tell you what you have to do in your house or workplace to establish the connection with Universal Energy and will send the rest of the details in PDF format.
  2. We will provide you with high vibrational materials.
  3. We will provide 4 high vibrational frequencies (good directions) and 4 low vibrational frequencies (bad directions) for all family members. The details will be mentioned in the PDF. To know more about vibrational frequency
  4. Once you implement ManavGuru’s Saral Vaastu Guidance (a method to connect with Universal Energy), we will ensure via a video call that you have followed the guidance properly or not.
  5. We will closely monitor your monthly progress through a phone call for 6 months.

To achieve whatever you and your family want, you need:

ManavGuru’s Saral Vaastu guidance for the whole family

High Vibrational
Energised Materials

Now you will only pay for the high vibrational energised materials.

You can contribute whatever you want for ManavGuru’s Saral Vaastu Guidance (method to connect with universal energy) when you experience positive changes.

The Uniqueness of ManavGuru’s Saral Vaastu Guidance

It is purely scientific and easy to implement.

No structural changes or alterations.

One-time implementation at your house or workplace.

It does not involve meditation, yoga, or any daily practice of rituals and customs.

It does not involve medication, diet, or exercise.

It does not relate to any religion.

It does not involve any mantras or tantras.

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